Three steps forward for Retex SpA

06 Feb 2019

Retex has concluded several operations over December and January that will significantly strengthen its market presence.

The first is the acquisition of Nuvicom srl. This Milanese communication agency has already been working with Retex for some time, and is one of Italy’s up-and-coming firms for the production of digital content for brand experiences. It has handled brand identity strategies, and promoted events and advertising campaigns for big-name brands in the fashion, luxury goods and consumer markets and many other sectors. Although fully incorporated in Retex, Nuvicom will maintain its own identity and brand name. Nuvicom’s expertise and creative talents will form a distinctive part of the innovative reach and variety of our digital evolution offering for stores.

This was followed by the agreement to transfer the controlling interest of Tecno Logica srl to Retex. The Ligurian company has been a been a solid presence on the Italian retail scene for three decades. Its applications for physical distribution networks are installed in over 1,500 supermarkets and stores that are part of or associated with the biggest brands throughout Italy. The input from Tecno Logica will help us to play an even more important role in a highly competitive and fragmented sector.

Finally, Retex has acquired 100% of WeiYue, a Shanghai-based company incorporated under Chinese law. WeiYue is a small team of business consultants helping Italian and European companies to break into and succeed in the Chinese market. With this we have increased the value proposition of our “Road to China”, which plays a decisive role thanks to the partnership with WeChat. This applies as much to companies that have already placed their trust in us by choosing Iconic and the Digital Retex services as it does to new clients looking to get a foothold in that strategic digital space. The transaction is awaiting final authorisation from the Chinese authorities and is reasonably expected to arrive in February.


Milan, 31st January 2019