Temakinho and Deliveroo, there is always a “first time”

Food delivery Temakinho
Michele Caprini
01 Oct 2019

Temakinho is one of the most famous names of the new Italian restoration, characterized by the particular “fusion” of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine. Deliveroo is among the global leaders of food delivery, today active in 14 countries and in 75 Italian cities. The two brands, now, meet each other at the cash register.

For the first time, thanks to our work (the project team is headed by Daniele Favara and Antonello Plantamura), a restaurant add orders from a food delivery service in its cash register system.

The project

Thanks to Retex, orders carried out on Deliveroo directly reach the cash register of Temakinho. Once agreed by the restaurant, the order is inserted in the cash register system, and then sent to the kitchen for the preparation, just like any other order. A new normal, that isn’t normal.

In this way, the manual input from restaurant employees is avoided, with the consequent reduction of time and possible mistakes. Also, we have enabled the management of orders made in advance. If a user places his preorder on Deliveroo, Temakinho management system is designed to receive the order and send it to the cash register and the kitchen in due time. So, the delivery time is respected, and the whole process of order and delivery is more fluid.

With the integration of orders to Deliveroo, Retex strengthens its support to Temakinho. This, previously, had resulted in the consultancy for the setup of the restaurants management system and the creation of network infrastructures.

The restaurant chain is equipped with Oracle Symphony, hospitality management system, one of the most used in the world. We managed to install, as well as the basic checkout functions, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) to simplify communications and processes. This led to greater efficiency in kitchen, less mistakes and a better and quicker service.

TheTrade press

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