Digital Retex and Tencent: delivering excellence in Europe

27 Feb 2019

2019 got off to a good start for Digital Retex; it has become a Unique European Tencent IBG Trusted Partner. We have earned this title by producing extraordinary results while working with Tencent over the years, results that have made us the highest producing agency in Europe. Thanks to our increasingly tighter relationship with Tencent, two representatives from the Digital Retex delivery team have been to our partner’s Shenzhen headquarters for two days of training and workshops.

Being involved in these immersive experiences and workshops was an excellent way to learn more about the advertising services offering for 2019. Our team had the opportunity to meet the specialists from the different Tencent platforms and other Trusted Partners from around the world. This enabled us to gain unique invaluable insight and relate to the typical characteristics and critical factors specific to the different markets.



Having completed the training for Trusted Partner agencies, our team has been certified as a Tencent optimizer operator. “Meeting the teams that implement the advertising solutions introduced us to new dynamics and potential. These provide optimal inspiration for creating specific best-case scenarios and solutions to meet all our diverse demands”; explained Gloria Sgrò, our head of delivery, adding, “On a personal level, it was particularly satisfying to be the only Westerner to have sat and passed the optimizer exam”.

Sharing expertise and experiences has enriched the team and brought it even closer into the vast Tencent community. Jie Chen, a Digital Retex social media strategist, could hardly contain her excitement, “This has been a unique and very interesting experience. In addition to being able to delve deep and learn so many different things about advertising on WeChat, the meeting with the partners from other countries, such as the USA, Australia and Japan, during the workshops gave us a chance to share our experiences".