Cooperativa Minerva with Retex, for another Africa

Cooperativa Minerva
Michele Caprini
12 Mar 2019

Cooperativa Minerva was born in 2008 amongst teachers and psychologists with strong competencies in the ‘personal’ and ‘ecological’ service sector. The educational services for children and families, as well as protection of minors, are all taken care of by the cooperative with the help of local institutes. Cooperativa Minerva grew with time whilst taking on more innovative projects and working with the caretakers of the public and third sector.

The reasons for the collaboration

In the past years, Retex has supported these activities. As the environmental conscience and sensitivity grows among shoppers, they pretend a more active role from production and distribution companies as they adhere to more ecological operations.

Born as a service provider, Retex cannot alter its production and distribution process; yet, it can reward activities which have had positive social impacts.

Another Africa

In the past years, moreover, Cooperativa Minerva has diversified its activities among the education and sanitary sectors. It has carried out projects in the village of Sokponta’ (located in Benin), which have been recognised by UNESCO.

At the beginning, a journey of high educational value to young guests of their Genoese structure.

This created the foundations to prevent school drop-out. Aimed to allow young women, whom have fallen behind due to work or early pregnancies, to catch up with their studies.

It has also aided the realisation of an itinerant sanitary system; partnering eastern methods with traditional medical methods.

The "boulangerie"

Lastly, the cooperative has then focused its efforts on an initiative focused on female entrepreneurship. A group of women kickstarted the production of bread, in sizeable quantities, for neighbouring villages. It is distributed with tricycle motorbike which has a posterior crate.

It is weird to see the name “Retex” on a tricycle. We are not exactly at the ... war of deliveries among the giants of retail, but there is something familiar in the air. Retex is more than happy to keep providing support for Cooperativa Minerva’s projects.