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Brand awareness strategy

The choice of purchase, even in store, is greatly influenced from what the brand represents and what is written, said and seen online. Designing a clear and strong brand identity and monitoring online and offline customer perception is no longer a simple option, but a necessity.

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Without brand identity, a concrete relationship cannot exist with consumers. In all contexts, the essential goals are “how to create a brand strategy”, ”increasing brand awareness”, “what is a brand strategy”, to establish the uniqueness of the company's profile and its market presence.

This message can be communicated through brand logo, marketing campaigns, promotional events and institutional communication. Yet, the necessity remains constant: establish an unshakable correlation between brand and client expectations.

The methods to effectively define and develop a brand strategy are not simply drawn out of a hat. Hence, we have brought in the help of one of the best Italian digital contents producers to support companies throughout this process.

Nuvicom, the communications agency part of the Retex group, which develops an accurate brand identity based on all brand needs. Advanced technologies allow for a broad creative toolkit which allows to create and strengthen the uniqueness and uniformity of the represented brand.

/ / A few numbers

  • Over 30 brands served
  • Over 500,000 mentions analysed
  • Over 2 million sources mapped
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