About the Timnit Gebru case

In brief
Great attention needs to be paid to the ways in which innovation is planned and carried out, which is real and beneficial when it is governed by solid, shared principles, both in civil society and in business. Otherwise, dangerous imbalances can arise for one and the other. The contrast between Timnit Gebru and Google, apart from the news, seems to have been made on purpose to urge all market players to reflect decisively on their actions and strategies.
The story that sees Timnit Gebru as opposed to Google immediately brought to mind a science fiction film, a box-going champion in the early 2000s.  In Alex Proyas’s “I, Robot”, set in 2035, a robot, being able to save only one of the two people trapped in a car, chooses to save Detective Spooner and not the little girl with him. The decision taken by the machine, in contravention of the protagonist’s order, is induced by the calculation of the chances of survival generated by the programming algorithm of the same.