Venistar joins the Retex Group

In brief
The agreement between Retex and Venistar, signed in recent days, is the premise for the substantial strengthening of the two partners in the fashion and luxury market. A further step forward for Retex Group, which consolidates its leading role in the Italian retail services market.

Venistar, with headquarters in Pianiga (Venice) Italy, has been operating for 15 years in supplying specialized solutions for fashion and luxury operators. In 2019 Venistar reported revenues of EUR 9 million, with more than 70 served brands and over 30,000 users of Venistar CX – the unified Commerce eXperience platform.

The operation which was completed in recent days, strengthens an expansive strategy that for our company has always shown to be increasingly incisive and swift during 2019. New partners, new technologies, additional services, further development of specialist skills, significant increase oftop-end brands.


The express aim, consistent with the players history, is the decisive consolidation of the common position in the fashion and luxury market, inspired by the sector’s digital innovation and the integration of omnichannel knowledge and technologies.

Our CEO, Fausto Caprini, commented:

“We are very pleased to be partnering and working together with Venistar’s new extraordinary team of highly experienced professionals, to whom we are tied by the common passion for innovation in retail. The successes achieved by Venistar with some of the most prestigious fashion & luxury brands will provide an additional impetus towards the realization of our growth plan”. 

Roberto da Re, Venistar CEO, commented:

“We enthusiastically accepted the proposal of Retex, a company that we have always admired for its innovation capacity and strategic vision. We are confident that the partnership will allow us to achieve ambitious goals, first of all a stronger international presence to make the most of our solutions and expertise”.


With this operation we confirm and strengthen the leading role of Retex in the Italian retail services market for its large-scale distribution, catering, fashion and luxury sectors. In 2020, we will collaborate with over 300 professionals developing a turnover close to EUR 40 million