Welcome. Luca

In brief
Luca Venturoli has a long experience in retail, gained both nationally and internationally. Since January he has been part of Retex, where he was called to manage the Food & Beverage unit.

Luca Venturoli, who will be the director of the Food&Beverage business unit, joined our team this very month.

With a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bologna, Luca starts his professional career in the stores. The company is OBI, one of the kay players in the distribution of DIY products. Following this experience, he first challenges himself with advertising and then with marketing, until he become the coordinator of the international branch, between Italy and Russia. His last experience with the German distributor is as marketing and communication director for three years.

In 2009 he is Chief Marketing Officer at Mercatone Uno, where he stays for almost three years. During this period, he also follows a pilot project to expand their business in the catering industry.

Next comes an important experience with an international consulting major firm. Lastly, he joins Berner, a German multinational of omnichannel distribution in the sectors of mobility, crafts and industry. Initially, he works in the Italian headquarters. Later, four years in Germany where he directs the activities of six different business units that together form the marketing structure of the group. In Italy, he is finally called to join the board.


Luca’s story is a story of retail, based on two different B2B and B2C scenarios. The fields of application of his work until today, have marked the competition on the market for anyone who joins it – from typical marketing management applications to direct and indirect sales management. And with skills on CRM, business intelligence, digital commerce and communication, in its every aspect.

His profile responds to our needs, which can be summed up easily thanks to the new Retex payoff. We empower changes because we know how to understand and manage them, when they happen. Anticipating them, sometimes. It is a difficult process, and it needs the right people to be well managed. That’s why Luca is here.