Retex, foot on the accelerator

In brief
2019 confirmed the goodness of the choices made by Retex a year ago. Today, with the entry of two new financial partners, the speed of travel is even higher and the prospects for development are more encouraging than ever.
Retex is closing a year full of results, and 2020 is off to a better start. Two new partners for the company’s development plan.

Retex is ending a year full of results that have further consolidated its presence in the market. 2019 has been important for us, also for the good choices made between December and January.


We are talking about the acquisition of the communication agency Nuvicom, the Chinese company WeiYue and the controlling stake in Tecno Logica. These operations allowed us to strengthen in three different and important areas of intervention: the production of digital content for brand identity, point of sale software, and consulting services for companies, at the beginning or already active, in China.

In recent days, we have finalized agreements with two Private Equity Funds, Alkemia SGR and Boutique Italia, to strengthen the company structure and support our ambitious growth strategy.

The operation concluded last 13 December, will lead to a capital increase of 4 million euros reserved for financial investors, Alkemia SGR and Boutique Italia which, thanks to an investment of 3 million and 1 million euros respectively, will hold a total stake of 25.8%.


A few words to introduce, and welcome, our new travel companions.

Alkemia (offices in Padua and Milan) has been operating since 2004 to promote, set up, and manage closed-end mutual investment funds; it has many years of experience in the lower mid area of the Italian market.

Boutique Italia, based in Milan, is a holding company that invests in companies with high development potential and entrepreneurs with proven skills. The acquisition of minority stakes is aimed at assisting companies in the preparation and management of the listing stage.

We do not want to use the terms and neologisms used to define cases like this one. No “challenges”, no “vision”, no drum rolls.  More simply, instead, we report the statements made by our partners that effectively explain the reasons and perspectives of the partnership.

Luca Duranti, CEO of Alkemia SGR, stated: “we are very pleased to invest in Retex, to provide support to the company and the management in the path of growth and internalization undertaken by making available the experience gained in growth capital projects”.

For Roberto Gatti, CEO of Boutique Italia, on the other hand: “we have invested in managers that we believe to be valid, in a company that is a leader in its market area, in synergies that we think we can create with the hope of leading the company to a stock market listing that can express the fullness of Retex’s values”.


In the eight years since we took our first step, we have operated in a market where the only firm point has been “change”, constant and often tumultuous.  Omnicanality has completely changed retail, and other business models have changed and will continue to do so. We are counting on the skills and the best technologies to support them, and the awards associated with this operation are the best demonstration of it.

The outlook is more promising than ever. The credit goes to each and every member of the corporate body for making them believable, and the wish is extended to those who are not yet part of it, but will. Of course they will.