Retex in exhibition - Milano, September 25th

In brief
The breadth, complexity and diversity of retail and our history. "Retex in mostra" will be a logical and visual path, homogeneous and involving. Supported by formidable technologies, of course. Aimed at and suggested to participants rather than visitors.
Retex in exhibition – Milano, September 25th, Via Lovanio 6


“Retex in exhibition” and it already suggests what the exhibition is. The word in its meaning often recalls the concept of “conservation”. The latter, however, does not suit very well our way of being.

“Exhibition”, on the other hand, can be the anticipation of a possible future. After all, the essence of great Universal Exhibitions from the Victorian London to the Milan of 2015, has always been this one.

The retail, as any other sector, could be understood and represented by the history of its technologies. And these come to life, as a matter of fact, from the moment in which they are presented to the public.

Otherwise, an exhibition signals the state of art of phenomena in constant evolution. It is this provisional nature that, paradoxically, reassure and encourage knowledge, decisions and investments. Because it indicates the ways to go and the alternatives, and includes in itself essential concepts such as “development” and “improvement”.

“Retex in exhibition” will be exactly so. The magnitude, complexity, and diversity of our history and of this market will be the preconditions, on the contrary, of a logic and visual path, which is homogeneous and engaging. Everything will be supported by formidable technologies, of course. Addressed and suggested to participants, more than to visitors.


The stops along the path will touch everything that is, and more importantly will be, the worldwide retail. Starting from China, for example, and the extraordinary “no-channel journey” of the consumer. After that, WeChat, microblogging, key opinion leader, social and e-commerce, advertisement and touchpoints of any time and genre.

The potential consumption journey will be declined in several different ways, and the virtual and augmented reality will be among the honor guests. The smartphone, it comes without saying, will be the perfect instrument of participation. We will, on the other hand, take care of goggles.

GDO, emphasis on the simulation of the new consumption cycle. Zebra Technologies, the partner of Retex for the mobile instruments of commerce, will support us. Access through facial recognition, scanning of products through labels, information on products through QR Code, virtual shopping cart, check out via smartphone.

To represent the progress of catering in favor of clients, in the exhibition, multimedia stands and new instruments of orders and check out at the table.

Payment systems, then, will have a big relevance. To   achieve so, EatsReady and WeChat Pay, our partners in the exhibition, will provide their contribution.


The journey of participants through the digital gallery will start at 18:30 and end (temporarily, it is clear) in Via Lovanio 6. The closest metro station is Moscova, on the line 2.

You can register your presence at the event through this link.

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