Dimar, the story of a project

In brief
The entire Dimar distribution network, with 105 sale points, showed interest in migrating and updating its entire POS collection to TP.net

Dimar is an important player in Italian Mass Distribution GDO. It mainly operates in North-West Italy through 5 different brands and a total of 3500 employees. Retex provides Dimar with the management of sales and operations throughout the whole network.


As of July 1st, 2019, sale volumes above €400,000.00 will require telematic fees.The Decreto Legislativo n. 127/2015, brought about various changes, such as the storage and daily transmission of electronic receipts to the ‘Agenzia dell’Entrate’ (Italy’s fiscal governing body), or the requirement for electronic invoicing.

A digital revolution will drastically change retail stores’ daily operations. They will need to religiously respect closing times and change their habits, such as their management of revenues.

Dimar has been able to comply with these new laws thanks to a project with Retex. Our team was lead by Gaia Bonadeo with a masters in F&B from Università Bocconi and extensive retail experience, all acquired at a young age.


The aim of the project was to have a complete control over all POS areas and to install RT servers to communicate directly the required information to the Agenzia delle Entrate.

Last February, we begun the migration of the previous POS software to the new TP.net one from Diebold Nixdorf for 466 terminals in 105 different store points. Each terminal had to be converted to the new updated software, and some required full substitution.

The recent release of new, compulsory, procedures throughout the entire network, made the project a complex task. Though, thanks to our specialised team, the project was executed correctly within the required timeframe.

Our team equipped itself for the industrialisation of processes whilst collaborating with Dimar’s information systems. This operation laid the foundations for the next developments in the territorial network.