Milan, 8th of May, the future is served (at the table)

In brief
The meeting at the Brera Clubhouse in Milan was the manifesto of the most advanced customer experience for catering, kiosks and tables.

As predicted, the Food Week in Milan for a tenth time was a success. Over 120,000 people, a 20% increase from last year, came to visit various areas of the city and its different events.

The most important, recurring, national food event was concluded at the Brera Clubhouse as Retex held a dinner entitled “At dinner with Retex”.

Our partner Pyramid and brands such as Panino Giusto, Crudo and Hamerica’s were all present at the event, displaying all their latest technologies, installed by Retex for the food and beverage world.


The digital technologies which were presented at the event were fruits of the last 18 months of work and represent the evolution of unparalleled customer experience. These advancements focus on digitalising in-store sales and app/smartphone payments.

More than ever, clients are now favouring self-ordering options in restaurants. Traditional paper menus and waiters are slowly fading in the books of antiquity. New terms such as “app” and “kiosk” are now at the helm of restaurant ordering.

A single app which integrates internet with kiosks features low adoption costs and maintains high revenues.


Kiosks mean greater customer participation as they order and pay without the need of wait staff. Hence, this leaves more available staff dedicated to pure service and, therefore, greater client satisfaction.

Mobile ordering at the table allows the guest to manage and control their order effectively and intuitively, while still providing an entertainment factor.


Those operating takeaway and food ordering services can increase their sales by providing a digital ordering service to their clients. A service which allows clients to order and pay through mobile app or e-commerce site and then collect the food at the restaurant.

Order integration for suppliers and home delivery services complete the restaurant industry’s technological puzzle.


The event in Milan highlighted various significant, advantages efficiently.

Work rationality can be associated to the higher sales, which are derived from better staff treatment because of kiosk ordering. Wait and kitchen staff are among the first to benefit from this change.

There are also clear economic advantages given that there is no need for specialised devices or tablets, clients simply need their smartphones. This ease can easily translate into customer loyalty and e-word of mouth as they post reviews on various platforms; all which are fruitful opportunities for owners/managers.

The future is served autonomously, on the 8th of May, in Milan.


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