Weibo, the microblogging option for Chinese influencers

In brief
Weibo is a Chinese microblogging site, which is actually a hybrid of the most popular features of Twitter and Facebook.
In the Chinese digital business, Key Opinion Leaders play an important role as a guarantee for the consumer.

“Sina Weibo” è is the full name (in Chinese it means “micro blog”) of a social network which combines its features with the most popular ones of Twitter and Facebook. With 361 million active users per month, Weibo uses an online microblogging platform and is one of the most used social networks in China.

Similar to Twitter, Weibo offers the possibility of posting messages of up to 140 Chinese characters with the option of adding photos, videos, music and surveys. An important difference with other western competitors lis the ability to buy and sell products directly within the app. This feature is becoming popular among users and also stimulates the growth of influencers on the platform.

Better known by the acronym KOL (Key Opinion Leader), the role of influencers on Weibo is of fundamental importance. An often underestimated problem however, lies in the increase of fake accounts on the various Chinese social networks and in the great variety of products offered on the market. These factors lead the Chinese consumer to look for a figure on Weibo who can ensure the true quality of a product or service. The consumer’s loyalty is therefore reflected in the KOL which he/she has chosen.

This makes the advertising format more complex. The focus on investments has shifted to a new type of ADV that makes the classic versions obsolete (the typical ads banners, for example). Companies interested in investing in the Chinese market are aware of the fluctuation in the investment-return ratio. This increases in the case of ADV campaigns structured around the participation of the Chinese KOLs.

Both on WeChat, in fact synonymous with “Internet” in China, and on Weibo, the cost of KOL-ADV has increased by up to 60% compared to previous years. This is why it is important to reconfigure the business models by investing in the fastest growing trends in Chinese streaming platforms.

Appropriately managed, Weibo can therefore be another gateway to the Chinese market.