Per il food and beverage è il momento della r-Evoluzione

In brief
The r-Evolution is given by the answers, more evolved than necessary, to the change in buying and consuming, which transforms both the food and beverage world and the retail, which is its most important terminal

By r-Evolution we mean the responses to the often sudden and unpredictable change in the way of buying and consuming that is making a decisive mark on the global food and beverage sector and on retail, which is its most important terminal. The rEvolution is pervading the sector, from marketing to typical processes, from traditional distribution to the complementarity of online and offline channels.

In order to follow the customer through the impervious paths of taste and behaviour and best make up for the decrease in food spending in recent years, the Retail r-Evolution is in catering. However, it is coming up against not only the resistance of traditional players but an increasingly complex competitive scenario where strategic choices do not always pay immediately and digital commerce is not a panacea for all ills.

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According to data from the Netcomm consortium, for example, 30% of those who purchased packaged food online and 32% of those who bought ready meals are not inclined to repeat the experience; among those who bought fresh products, the percentage of those dissatisfied reaches 53%. There is therefore a serious problem of customer experience, which in the catering sector wants the entire purchase cycle – order, payment, pick up – to be decisive in the way and in the place preferred by the customer. Using a smartphone or perhaps via Web App or Mobile App, and in integration with check-out systems, with on the spot management of orders and payments from Home Delivery portals.

Food consumption in Europe has reached a total volume of 1,600 billion euros, of which 63% in the domestic channel and 37% in catering. In 2017, 46 million people in Italy ate meals out-of-home (about 77% of the population), and 39 million of these routinely eat out-of-home at least twice a month. Over the decade (2008-2017), the decline in spending on food for the home (- 11 billion euros) and the increase in out-of-home consumption (+ 4 billion euros) are evident. These numbers make Italian catering the third largest market in Europe after the United Kingdom and Spain, and within Italy the number one in the chain ahead of agriculture and the food industry.

Retex intervenes in catering and distribution with innovative and integrated technologies and practices, from large retail distribution (GDO) up to specialised chains and evolved experiences of street food. The appointment for operators and aspirants of r-Evolution is on June 21 in Milan.