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Store innovation

Store innovation

The digital store concept is as essential to online sales as it is to traditional retail. This means that the technologies and services that enable the development of the customer journey and backend processes are also equally essential.

Innovating stores is an area in which we excel. Digital technology transforms a store into a place packed with new and attractive experiences which can be varied within a unique relationship with the customer.

The Retex offering encompasses all the tools needed for a solid digital infrastructure, integrating customer services, ensuring customer loyalty, and new environments featuring the use of virtual and augmented reality.


The Chinese online market is a natural target for Western brands with development in mind. The must-have tool for any company wishing to operate in this market is WeChat, the country’s leading digital services platform.

With over a billion users, it has become synonymous with the internet itself in China and provides the most all-inclusive experience: from online contact with brands to the shopping experience in a brick-and-mortar store.

With WeChat, brands can interact directly with consumers, providing reliable information, advertising and engaging content.

The nonstop evolution of official WeChat accounts targets the world’s most digitally sophisticated clientele against a backdrop of extreme competition and is vitally important. The support of Retex, a Tencent IBG Trusted Partner in Europe, provides the surest way forward.